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Physical properties of stainless steel sheets

The total heat transfer coefficient of metals depends not only on the thermal conductivity of metals, but also on other factors. In most cases, the film heat dissipation coefficient, rust skin and metal surface condition. Stainless steel can keep its surface clean, so its heat transfer performance is better than other metals with higher thermal conductivity. Liaocheng Sandeli Stainless Steel provides 8. Technical standards for stainless steel plates_. Corrosion resistance, bending processing performance and toughness of welded parts, as well as high strength stainless steel sheets with excellent stamping processing performance of welded parts and their manufacturing methods. Specifically, stainless steel plates with C:0.02%, N:0.02%, Cr:11% or more less than 17%, appropriate contents of Si, Mn, P, S, Al, Ni, and 12 < Cr Mo 1.5Si < 17, 1 < Ni 30 (C N) 0.5 (Mn-Cu) = 4, Cr 0.5 (Ni-Cu) 3.3Mo < 16.0, 0.006 < C-N < 0.030 are heated to 850-1250 (?) and then cooled at a cooling rate of 1 (?) s or more. It can be a high strength stainless steel sheet with martensite content of more than 12%, high strength, corrosion resistance and bending properties of more than 730 MPa, and excellent toughness of welded heat affected zone. The stamping performance of the welded parts can be significantly improved by using Mo, B and so on.
Oxygen and gas flame can not cut stainless steel plate because stainless steel is not easy to be oxidized.
5CM thick stainless steel sheets are machined with special cutting tools, such as:
(1) Laser Cutting Machine (Laser Cutting Machine)
(2) Hydraulic saw
(3) Grinding dishes
(4) Handsaw
(5) Wire Cutting Machine.
(6) High pressure water jet cutting (professional water jet cutting: Shanghai Xinwei)
(7) plasma arc cutting

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